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Why Does Air Pollution Matter? – Canadian Lung Association

What exactly does traffic do to your lungs?  See how Dr. Carlsten uses his air pollution exposure lab to find out just how diesel fumes affect our lungs.

The Phthalate Song – 2016 AllerGen HQP Video Competition Winners (Evelyn Gunawan, Min Hyung Ryu, Agnes Yuen)

Do you know what phthalates are?  Watch and learn with the COERD team!

Effects of Air Pollution on Human Lungs – 2015 AllerGen HQP Video Competition (Ali Hoseinni)

What do we do? We specialize in controlled human exposure models to various inhaled toxicants, including air pollutants, allergens, and phthalates. Come watch what our research is all about.


2017/09/07  Smokey air from wildfires getting you down?

Global News Hour at 6, Global

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2017/08/09  Air pollution experts warn of smokier B.C. cities in future as climate changes

The Georgia Straight