About Us

Welcome to the website for the Chan-Yeung Centre for Occupational and Environmental Respiratory Disease (COERD).  COERD is an academic program located at Vancouver General Hospital and affiliated with the University of British Columbia.  Our centre is named after Dr. Moira Chan-Yeung, a pioneer in occupational and environmental respiratory research.  We are dedicated to researching lung diseases related to workplace and environmental exposures in addition to operating a clinic for patients with these illnesses.  Our Air Pollution Exposure Lab (APEL) is a state of the art facility that helps us learn more about the effects of air pollution on health.  We also operate the Occupational Lung Disease Clinic at The Lung Centre at Vancouver General Hospital for patients with concerns regarding occupational or environmental exposures contributing to respiratory diseases, including asthma, COPD, interstitial lung disease, cancer and pleural disease.

Our Mission:

To gain new understanding of the mechanisms involved in occupational and environmental lung disease through laboratory and clinical research, and to translate this knowledge into improved diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventative tools for the benefit of public health

Understanding exposure effects ~ linking research to public health

Our Collaborators:

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